UX. Design. Brand.

I’m Joe Pascavage (the third generation to be exact, and Stanley is my first name). Currently holding the role as the Managing UX Creative Director at QVC with a focus on native apps, responsive web design, and digital branding. Outside of the daily grind and my freelancing endeavors I’m a proud father of twin boys, and a baby girl. I’m also a big fan of Harley Davidson, love charcoal grilling, and last but not least playing some ukulele or acoustic guitar (a 1961 Martin to be exact).

Pretty much everything I do or love doing can be summed in two words; delight and inspire. And I’ll take any chance I get to combine the two, whether that’s through family, friendship, design, or my world famous slow cooked BBQ ribs.

This site is where I share some work I’ve generated throughout my career (going on 14 years now) and will update on occasion. But you can also find out more about me on LinkedIn, Dribbble, Medium, or Twitter. Or if it’s easier for you, simply save a copy of my résumé.

Enjoy your visit. I look forward to meeting you if we haven’t already.